Now is your time to get KINKY!

50 Shades of FLOKI has arrived, and he's ready to sexually torture all these scamming AltDoge coins out of existence. He comes equipped with INSANE Degen Inu $DINU rewards, as well as anti-whale tokenomics to protect investors. 50 Shades of FLOKI is hot, kinky, and he won't let any vanilla punks destroy his moonshot. 50 Shades of FLOKI is a community driven token on the BSC network! His goal to both enable kinksters to KINK the hype of the Doge craze, but also to become a supportive icon for the men & women across the world who choose to consentually trade sex for currency, as it is their personal right to do so.

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Project Development

- Launch token on Binance Smart Chain
- Analysis of tokenomics
- Set-up marketing and development plan
- Hire graphic designer
- Create Twitter account
- Contact and secure deals with
promoters and influencers

Official Token Launch

- Mancakeswap Launch
- Expand marketing campaign
- Expand and build a hoarney cummunity

Further erection

- Apply for KinkMarketcap, KinkGecko
- Promote on Fetish websites.
- Initiate limited edition NFT drops
- Promote NFTs with large kinkfluencers


- Develop Dirty Video App
- NFT Staking
- Staking dApp
- Form long-term partnerships and close
- Deals with larger (kinky) promoters

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